Kayla's Adventures

Madrid, II

Day 2 in Madrid! We started the day with the breakfast of champions (again)… chocolate & churros! Next, we walked to the Plaza Mayor, a central square in Madrid that is filled with shops, restaurants, and plenty of people! We went early enough in the morning that the plaza was still pretty quiet, but when we walked through later in the afternoon, it was swarming. After spending some time in the Plaza Mayor,.. Read More

Madrid, I

Espana! We are finally here! Grandma & Grandpa, Patrick & Laura Escure, and myself are taking a 2 week tour of Spain. We are starting in Madrid, then heading to Pamplona, Barcelona, and finally Valencia. Days 1-4 will be spent in Madrid, so here we go with day 1… After we arrived at our hotel from the airport, we got settled in and headed out to experience Spain’s finest… tapas! Oo my. So delicious and.. Read More

Haggard’s Cove

Officially one week until departure! In honor of that, I wanted to share a few pictures from my trip to Haggard’s Cove this past weekend. Let’s consider this a practice post. My grandparents own a cabin in a tiny tiny corner of Barkley Sound, on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. This time of year the fishing is slow, the weather is dreary, and there is really not much to do except cozy up by the.. Read More