Kayla's Adventures

Castillo de Xàtiva

This past Saturday I took a trip to the small Valencian town of Xàtiva with 5 girls from school. We traveled by train and arrived in just under an hour. The reason for the trip? Exploring the remains of an ancient Spanish castle. Enjoy the sights from this gorgeous day! The phrase “We have to climb up there??” was spoken many times as we began our ascent on foot. The hike to the top took some.. Read More

Walk to School

The very first week I was here, I made it a point to walk to school and back to my flat everyday, even though I was not actually going to school. I was really trying to avoid that sickening feeling of being lost on your first day. Also, there are so many different routes and streets to take, and I just wanted to find the quickest! Shorter walk = more time to sleep!.. Read More

International House Valencia

I am currently halfway through my second week of language school! I am enrolled in the school for 14 weeks, which means I will be finished with classes on June 19. So far, I am really enjoying the school and the courses, as the classes are small and the instructors are very knowledgeable. Here’s how it works: I am taking 20 hours a week, or 4 hours a day, of intensive language courses… Read More


On Friday night, myself and 5 other girls from school went to a very small and cozy cafe in the old town to experience a Flamenco show. Flamenco is a Spanish art that includes dancing, singing, guitar playing, hand clapping, and finger snapping! I have been told that Seville is the true home of Flamenco, but figured this would be close enough. I am going to apologize in advance for the shaky video and.. Read More

Las Fallas, III

Las Fallas festival is officially over! What an amazing introduction to Valencia it was. On the final day of the festival, March 19, all of the Fallas monuments are burned between 12:00 midnight and 1:00 am. Personally, I thought it seemed a little dangerous… especially with the flames being so close to the buildings, but the firefighters sure know what they’re doing! At 1:00 am, there is a large fireworks display in the Plaza del.. Read More

Las Fallas, II

Today is the last day of Las Fallas. Tonight, all of the Fallas monuments will be burned and tomorrow it will look like nothing ever happened, or so I am told. Today is also El Día del Padre, or Father’s Day, which is celebrated as a public holiday. That of course means no school! A day off during my first week of school? I’ll take it! Let’s get started with more Fallas fun! Ofrenda de las.. Read More

Las Fallas, I

Good news… school has finally begun. Even better news… I really like it! I will be doing a post with pictures of the school and details on my lessons and schedule. For now, let’s talk about Las Fallas! Las Fallas can be summed up as Valencia’s baby, it’s pride and joy. It is a week long celebration that takes place in several of the towns in the Valencian community. Signs of the celebration.. Read More

Cathedral of Valencia

I have spent the past few days doing a ton of walking, wandering, and getting lost. Don’t worry Mom & Dad, I always find my way back 🙂 ! Without having school (or anything, really!) to go to during the days, I have been able to visit the beach, explore a few museums, go for a run or two, and just take my time getting from place to place. Having no agenda has been.. Read More

Mercado Central

On Tuesday, Grandma & Grandpa and Patrick & Laura headed home 🙁 It was really sad to say goodbye to them… we had such a fabulous time together, and definitely made some incredible memories! Before heading to the train station, they dropped me off at my host family’s flat and we said our goodbyes. I am living with a mother and daughter who live in the city center, conveniently located within walking distance.. Read More

Paella in the Park

We have finally landed in Valencia, Spain… my home base for the next 4 months! I have to say, after seeing other regions of Spain, I am very content with my decision to study in Valencia. I loved every single place that we visited, but Valencia just fits what I was looking for. More on that later! For today, I wanted to share a special day that we had on Sunday in Torrent, a town about 15.. Read More