Kayla's Adventures

Tortilla de Patatas

Hello there! I know in the last post I had said, “Next up, Calpe!” but I decided to switch it up a bit today with a traditional Spanish recipe. A tortilla in Spain is not the typical corn or flour flatbread that we are used to, but actually more like an omelette consisting of eggs and usually potatoes, onions, ham, peppers, and other mix-ins. Tortillas are usually enjoyed for breakfast, tapas, or even.. Read More


Hello everyone! Long time, no talk. Last week was pretty uneventful around here, hence the lack of blog posts. My weekend was a bit busier and definitely made up for the slow week, so expect more posts this week! I had mentioned once that the language school I am attending offers various activities each week for the students to participate in. The activity this Saturday was a day trip to two small towns in the province to.. Read More


Hello! I hope everyone had a great weekend enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures! Mine was spent on the Mediterranean coast, in a small beach town about 95 miles north of Valencia. Myself and four girls from school- Ines (Germany), Sally (South Korea), Elena (Italy), and Fabienne (Switzerland)- caught the train to Peñíscola after school on Friday and returned on Saturday afternoon. The two main highlights of the town include a large castle overlooking the ocean.. Read More

Madrid, V

Here we are with our last day in Madrid and sadly, also the last day of our trip. We started the day with a nice walk to Paraiso del Jamon (Ham Paradise), a place that truly lives up to it’s name. Take a look… Here we enjoyed a typical Spanish breakfast of toasted bread, tomato spread, freshly squeezed orange juice, and coffee. We then started to make our way towards the Prado Museum but.. Read More

Madrid, IV

Last Friday, I found out that I passed my first monthly placement test and that I would be moving up to the next level on Monday (today). To celebrate, Taylor and I caught a train to Madrid! Actually, that was going to happen regardless of whether or not I passed, but it sure made the weekend much more enjoyable! 🙂 We arrived in Madrid and got settled into our apartment just in time.. Read More

Taylor in Valencia

After saying goodbye to the stunning and beautiful city of Paris, Taylor and I hopped on a plane and headed to Valencia. I was so excited to welcome my first visitor to my home city of three months. After trying to pack so much sightseeing and activities into one weekend, we both arrived in Valencia feeling pretty exhausted. We decided right away that we would take it easy for the next few days and.. Read More

Paris, III

Our final morning in Paris was spent waiting in line for entrance to The Louvre Museum. No no, it really was not that bad- about 30 minutes or so. We did not buy tickets ahead of time since our initial plan was to take the train to the Palace of Versailles and explore the museum there. Luckily, the night before, Taylor had looked online to see what time it opened and had found out that.. Read More

Paris, II

Hello and Happy Easter to you all! Our Sunday morning started bright and early with Easter mass in the Cathedral of Notre Dame. We took our seats about 15 minutes before mass started and watched as the rest of the pews quickly filled up. Mass was done in French, but luckily we were given copies of Magnificat in English which made it easy to follow along. Like Taylor said, we can now cross Easter.. Read More

Paris, I

Bonjour from Paris! Early Friday morning, I flew from Valencia to Paris where I met Taylor, who had just flown in from Seattle! We are spending the long Easter weekend in the City of Lights, then heading back to Valencia for the week, and finally finishing the trip off with a weekend in Madrid. After settling into our apartment and grabbing a quick bite to eat on Friday afternoon, we headed out to.. Read More

Jardines de Turia

One unique thing about Valencia is Jardines de Turia, or The River as the locals call it. The River is an old river bed that is now a massive 9km park that surrounds the old town. In 1957, Valencia suffered a devastating flood that damaged the city and cost many people their lives. After that, Valencia decided to divert the course of the river and turn the old river bed into a beautiful park. The park.. Read More