Day 2 in Madrid!

We started the day with the breakfast of champions (again)… chocolate & churros!

Next, we walked to the Plaza Mayor, a central square in Madrid that is filled with shops, restaurants, and plenty of people! We went early enough in the morning that the plaza was still pretty quiet, but when we walked through later in the afternoon, it was swarming.

plaza mayor
plaza mayor2
madrid streets
After spending some time in the Plaza Mayor, we then headed to the Royal Palace, the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family. The way we understand it, they now only use it for ceremonies and gatherings. IMG_9451
After touring the grounds for a while, we headed to the Mercado de San Miguel. This is not a locals market, but more of a tourist destination that had stalls full of anything and everything you could imagine. It reminded me of Pybus Public Market (shoutout!). We grabbed sandwiches, sangria, beer, and those little pockets of freshly sliced meats.

meats 2- mercado san miguel
meats- mercado san miguel
sangria- mercado san miguel

fruit- mercado san miguel

beans- mercado san miguel
We then walked back to the hotel and took a nap (ahemm… siesta). After waking up feeling very rested, we walked across town to a tapas row. We went to 4 different tapas bars and tried everything from clams to octopus to calamari. Plenty of seafood was had tonight!

gran via- madrid
los gatos 2 madrid

los gatos madrid calle de jesus
We ended the day feeling full and happy. Thanks for checking in!