Hello! Before I get into Pamplona, I wanted to share pictures from our day trip to Jaurrieta, a small Basque village in the Spanish community of Navarre. Pat has family ties in this village, and we were fortunate enough to get a tour and a meal from them!

Before leaving for the village, we grabbed breakfast right outside of our apartment. I ordered a tortilla, which is essentially a spanish omelette. Some have meat or seafood inside, and some are just plain ole’ potatoes, eggs, and cheese. The 3 dishes on the left hand side of the picture are tortillas.
After filling our bellies, we drove an hour and a half to the snow filled village of Jaurrieta. We then walked around the village, which did not take long at all!
jaurrieta 12
jaurrieta 5
jaurrieta 13

jaurrieta 4
jaurrieta 3
jaurrieta 8
jaurrieta 7
After walking around the village, we went to the only restaurant in town, which Pat’s family happens to own! They treated us to an absolute feast of Navarrean dishes including bread, chorizo, battered prawns & calamari, white bean soup, fried potatoes, lamb cutlets, and finally cheesecake with a strawberry sauce on top. Such a wonderful meal and experience meeting family and making new friends!
jaurrieta 2
jaurrieta 9
jaurrieta 10
jaurrieta 11
Thanks for checking in!