Hello from sunny Barcelona, Spain! We actually arrived yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon to pouring down rain. I am talking thunder, lighting, the whole works. After settling in to our apartment, we decided to brave the storm and head out in search of tapas. Tapas were found and tapas were enjoyed!

We woke up this morning and set out to explore La Boqueria, a market just 2 blocks away from our apartment. There we found fresh fruit, veggies, juices, fish stalls, meat stalls, eggs, cheese, bread, chocolate, spices, nuts, mushrooms, tapas bars, etc., etc. I may share some pictures tomorrow, but let’s move on for now…

Our apartment is just right off of La Rambla, a central pedestrian street that cuts right through the heart of Barcelona and runs from the waterfront to the top of Placa de Catalunya, about 3/4 of a mile long.

Views along La Rambla.
Las Ramblas, Barcelona I Kayla's Adventures
Barcelona 5, I Kayla's Adventures
Barcelona 8, I Kayla's Adventures
Barcelona 7, I Kayla's Adventures
Since it was so nice outside, we decided to walk down to the waterfront!
Christopher Columbus monument at the beginning of La Rambla, also right on the waterfront.
Christopher Columbus, Las Ramblas I Kayla's Adventures
Port Vell
Port Vell, Barcelona  I Kayla's Adventures
Barcelona Beach I Kayla's Adventures
Barcelona Beach 2 I Kayla's Adventures
Grandpa and I took our shoes off and walked along the beach. I taught him how to take a selfie. Pretty good, eh?!
Barcelona Beach 3 I Kayla's Adventures
All that beach walking made us hungry…
Sangria, Barcelona I Kayla's Adventures
Barcelona 4, I Kayla's Adventures
Barcelona 2, I Kayla's Adventures
After resting for an hour or so at our apartment, we headed north on La Rambla, towards Gaudi’s famous Sagrada Familia. Gaudi started the project in 1883, and it is still under construction today. The magnitude of this structure is really hard to capture, but hopefully you can get the gist of it. Is it just me, or does it look a bit like a sandcastle?

Sagrada Family, Barcelona I Kayla's Adventures
Sagrada Family 4, Barcelona I Kayla's Adventures
Sagrada Family 2, Barcelona I Kayla's Adventures
Sagrada Family 3, Barcelona I Kayla's Adventures
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