Good news… school has finally begun. Even better news… I really like it! I will be doing a post with pictures of the school and details on my lessons and schedule. For now, let’s talk about Las Fallas!
Las Fallas can be summed up as Valencia’s baby, it’s pride and joy. It is a week long celebration that takes place in several of the towns in the Valencian community. Signs of the celebration can be seen all throughout the month of March, but the official week of the festival is March 15-March 19. I will do a few posts on Las Fallas, highlighting all of the different aspects and activities that take place during this special week.

Fallas monuments
Each neighborhood in the city has it’s own casal faller (basically a club), that holds fundraisers all year long in order to construct a large papier-mâché monument (falla) that will be on display in the middle of the street during Las Fallas. The construction of all of the fallas had to be finished by Monday, in order to be judged and enjoyed by the crowds, and then they will be burned on Thursday night, March 19. There are hundreds, big and small, to be seen all over Valencia!
The members of each casal faller dress up in traditional regional and historical costumes from different eras of Valencia’s past and are constantly seen marching around the city, typically with their own band following. It is a pretty amazing site. As I am typing this, I can hear the sounds of a casal faller band marching in the street!
Check out that hair-do!
IMG_2416 IMG_2424
Starting March 9, everyday at 2:00 pm RIGHT on the dot, hundreds and hundreds of people drop whatever they are doing (work and school included) and swarm the Plaza del Ayuntamiento for a firecracker display. Yes, firecrackers, not fireworks. The sound can be heard from miles away and if you are standing close enough, it literally feels like you are in an earthquake. A very unique experience and nothing like what we have back home!
Also, bunuelos! I talked about them in my last post, but they can be found EVERYWHERE during Las Fallas, in little pop up tents all around the city. Very similar to fair food. Look at that bowl of sugar!
More Fallas fun next time!