I am currently halfway through my second week of language school! I am enrolled in the school for 14 weeks, which means I will be finished with classes on June 19. So far, I am really enjoying the school and the courses, as the classes are small and the instructors are very knowledgeable. Here’s how it works:IMG_3039
I am taking 20 hours a week, or 4 hours a day, of intensive language courses. My session begins every morning at 9:30 am. There are anywhere between 5-10 students in my class each day. Last Monday, 10 of us started class together at the beginner level (A1), but that was the only day there were actually 10 students in the class. Many students are only enrolled for 1 or 2 weeks, not 14 like I am! Other students claim that the 9:30 am start time is too early, and use the excuse of “sleeping in” to miss class. My theory is the less students in class, the more time I have to practice and ask questions! After 4 weeks, those of us that are still enrolled take a placement test. From there, we will either repeat level A1, or move on to level A2. IMG_3004
We spend our time in class performing exercises in the book, speaking, and learning new vocabulary words and phrases. The school is declared a “no English zone,” and I really appreciate that the instructors stick to that rule. They do a good job of explaining things clearly and slowly, which I think is very important for a beginner like myself!
At 11:15 am, we are all released for a 15 minute break. Some students walk next door to a café, but I prefer to bring a snack and enjoy it outside in the sunshine. Most of my friends at the school are in different classes, as they have been here longer than I have, so it’s a great time to catch up and make plans with them!
At 11:30 am, we return to our classrooms, where we receive a new instructor. I also really appreciate this aspect of the school and find learning from two different styles of teaching very helpful. The two instructors that I currently have are exceptional teachers, and I’ve only heard good things about the others as well.
Another break at 12:45 pm, this time for only 5 minutes.
Included in the tuition are different school activities that occur every day. On Monday’s, the Activity Director visits each classroom and explains the activities that are provided that week. She also posts additional information about each activity on a board in the student’s lounge. I will be doing a post on school activities in the future, as they are actually very fun and a great way to meet IH students that are in different classes.
There are computers and printers available in the student’s lounge, as well as free Wi-Fi on campus.
1:30 pm. Finished for the day!
On the first day, both instructors told us that the #1 rule was, “NO swimming in the swimming pool!” 🙂IMG_3008
This was taken by Grandma on my first day in Valencia, 19 days ago!
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