Kayla's Adventures

Balearic Islands

Hello! Where to begin? Well I have been home for one week now, and boy does it feel good! Sorry for the silence for the past few weeks. After Switzerland, Mom, Dad, and Sara flew home, and I took a short flight back to Madrid where Jay had flown in from Seattle. From Madrid, we took a train to Valencia where we spent a day, then finally flew to Mallorca, the largest of.. Read More

Palma de Mallorca, III

Hello and Happy belated Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mom’s out there! Remember the Tortilla de Patatas recipe from my host mother that I shared on here? Well yesterday, my Mom and Sara MADE the recipe for Mother’s Day brunch! My host mother was thrilled and every 5 minutes would ask me what step they were currently on! Doesn’t it look good?! On to the third and final day in Mallorca. We had.. Read More

Palma de Mallorca, II

Hello! Here we are with day two of the Balearic Island of Mallorca. Since we had such a fun time riding bikes on our first day, we decided to keep them one more day. On day two, we rode our bikes into the city of Palma to explore the town a bit. The highlight of the town is definitely the grand cathedral that overlooks the sea. We had to take a quick break in.. Read More

Palma de Mallorca, I

Hello! This past weekend, my friend Sally and I caught a plane to the largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca. One of the many reasons I love Spain: cheap travel! For example, I paid a total of 32 euros ($35) for my roundtrip plane ticket. Not too shabby, eh? Our plan going into the weekend was to spend our entire time on the beach, but once we arrived and saw the beauty of.. Read More