Kayla's Adventures

Switzerland, III

Today I will be sharing some pictures from two towns that we visited while in Switzerland, Lucerne and Rapperswil. First up, Lucerne. We spent our day exploring the town, walking the famous Chapel Bridge, eating Älplermagronen and swiss chocolate ice cream, and cruising Lake Lucerne by boat. On our last day in Switzerland (Wednesday), we took a train to the quaint town of Rapperswil, located on the east side of Lake Zurich. We had.. Read More

Switzerland, II

Grüezi! On Monday morning, Grossdady’s brother Werner took us to the town of Lauerz (Grossdady’s hometown) to visit his other brother and sister. The drive took us through the mountains in the beautiful canton of Schwyz.  A little background. Grossdady is my mom’s father. He left Lauerz in 1953 when he was 18 years old to live and farm with his uncle, aunt, and cousins in Manteca, California. He never returned to Switzerland to live, but.. Read More

Switzerland, I

Sali from Switzerland! After about a week in Spain, we headed over to Switzerland to finish off our vacation by spending time with family and touring the beautiful country. First stop, the second-largest city in Switzerland, Zurich. My mom’s cousin and her family (who we are staying with) live just outside of Zurich, so we took a quick train to spend the afternoon in the city. Zurich is one of the most expensive cities in.. Read More