Kayla's Adventures

Family in Valencia

Hello! Last Thursday, my parents and Sara made it to Valencia after over 24 hours of traveling! I was SO excited to see them and we have been having a blast ever since. We spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in Valencia, and then took an early train to Seville on Sunday morning where we will be until Wednesday. We spent most of our time in Valencia relaxing- I finished up school (I passed.. Read More

Last Week of School

How does the time fly by so fast?! My last week here in Valencia was mostly spent packing, but I was able to sneak in some final fun with some great people here in Valencia. Celebrating Sally’s 24th birthday on Monday! We enjoyed Korean food, pizza, fruit salad, wine, and tinto verano outside on her terrace! Sangria making lessons! There is a bar literally right below my apartment that Sally and I were.. Read More

Graffiti Tour

One of the activities with the school this week was a walking tour around the city to view different street graffiti sites in Valencia. I was really impressed with some of them and thought it would be fun to share those with you! Here we go… After the tour, we headed back to the school where the activity directors prepared a BBQ for us on the rooftop terrace! Have a great weekend!

Arroz al Horno

Break out your olive oil because it is time for another Spanish recipe! Yes, Valencia is the home of paella, but as I mentioned in the Arroz con Acelgas post, it is also known for other rice dishes like the one I am sharing with you today- Arroz al Horno (Oven-Baked Rice). Ingredients: -2 medium potatoes -8 cloves garlic -olive oil -8 oz. can tomato sauce -4 cups dry short grain rice -10 cups.. Read More

Week in Photos

Hello everyone and Happy Friday! I thought I would share with you today some random pictures that I took while out and about this week… most of them on my iPhone. I know this is not very structured but I thought it would be fun to switch it up for today! View from inside the Valencia Cathedral. I can’t get enough of this stained-glass display! Evening run in El Rio. My host mother.. Read More

Torre del Micalet & Ceramic Market

When you ask a local here in Valencia for suggestions on what to do/see, Torre del Micalet is usually high on their list. I am really not sure what took me so long to climb the tower, as it is in the plaza that is literally a block away from my apartment, but nonetheless, I finally made it! Construction on the tower began in the fourteenth century and was finished in the fifteenth, by the same.. Read More

Weekend in Valencia

Hello! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Since I have plans to travel to a few other destinations before I leave, this could possibly have been my last full weekend in Valencia. So today I decided to share my favorite parts of this past weekend with you. I have not talked about this on the blog yet, but during my first week here in Valencia, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a.. Read More

Arroz con Acelgas

Hello! I have another recipe from my host mother for you! Last time was tortilla de patatas, a dish typical in all of Spain. Today, I will be sharing Arroz con Acelgas (rice with chard), a Valencian plate! Before we get started, a little disclaimer… this dish is not the most photogenic, but trust me when I say it tastes so much better than it looks! Ingredients: -1 large bunch chard -4 cloves garlic.. Read More

Fútbol Match

Hello everyone! Unfortunately, last week I experienced my first sickness abroad… I got food poisoning. I spent about 3 days in bed and of course it had to happen during the week of my level test. Luckily, I was able to make up the test, and it turns out I passed! I am so thankful to be feeling better, as being sick in another country (away from your home) is not a pleasant.. Read More

Tortilla de Patatas

Hello there! I know in the last post I had said, “Next up, Calpe!” but I decided to switch it up a bit today with a traditional Spanish recipe. A tortilla in Spain is not the typical corn or flour flatbread that we are used to, but actually more like an omelette consisting of eggs and usually potatoes, onions, ham, peppers, and other mix-ins. Tortillas are usually enjoyed for breakfast, tapas, or even.. Read More